Adam Davis for Utah's 1st District


Working Class Solutions for Working Class Issues

Issues Highlights

Our country faces many challenges. I'm committed to overcoming those challenges and working together with all people to make progress that benefits all of us.


For decades, the US economy has been failing an increasing number of people. It's time we stopped ideological bickering and move forward in building an economic agenda that robustly includes everyone, and and actually values their contribution rather than paying it lip service.


We all agree that our immigration system need a lot of work. We have a bureaucratic nightmare that many people who want to come here don't have the resources to deal with. There are also many people who are here without proper paperwork. We must come up with a humane and compassionate way to deal with this reality.


Our Healthcare system is the worst in the developed world, and must be addressed. We pay more than anyone else and we get worse health outcomes. Millions of people are going without healthcare because our current system 'rations' that care on the basis of money. We can and must change this.

Tribal sovereignty

There are over 500 sovereign indigenous nations within the United States. These groups have been systematically murdered, pillaged, and silenced for centuries. We must do better in honoring Indigenous People as the true owners of this country, and meeting our responsibilities laid out in our treaties with these nations.


We are not taking care of our home like we should. This is the only place we have to live, and I'm committed to making it as clean and as healthy a place to live as possible for us and for future generations.

Election Reform

There have been many questions surrounding the 2016 Presidential elections. There are several things we can do to help make our elections safer, more inclusive and more representative of our values.